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Chania old town:

A different and amazing aspect of the modern city of Chania is with no doubt the old town that offers you the chance to truly get to know the most amazing part of Crete. A mix of Ottoman and Venetian architecture is held in front of your eyes when walking around the old city.
The old town around the old Venetian harbor will unravel to you its history from the glorious ancient Minoan times through the Ottoman Turkish period. Astonishing buildings like venetian town houses and villas to a more Eastern vibe with the town’s numerous Turkish houses, mosques and churches there is no question were the area’s diversity came from.

The oldcity of Chania however is offering an amazing walk to anyone who wishes to travel back in time without being a “Dead” city.Take your time to walk around there and feel the magic of the old city casting a spell on you. Try the local delicacies and live like the locals by trying raki or ntakos, the famous Cretan Greek salad, popular all over the world and get an instant love for Mediterranean cuisine! Escape from all the hassle and the noise with an amazing walk around the old city of Chania and you will see for your own that at every corner you will discover something different. Feel the Cretan hospitality and let the area’s magic take over you.

38 Km, about 40 minutes driving. Bus accessible

Old Venetian Harbor:

“Picturesque and colourful!”

It is not surprising that so many visitors have fallen in love with Chania. One of the most picturesque corners is the venetian old harbor. A place you have to visit and spent the whole day relaxing and walking.

38 Km, about 40 minutes driving. Bus accessible

Chania, Samaria Gorge: The longest gorge in Europe, with a unique, magnificent natural environment.

In the prefecture of Chania, Samaria Gorge is the most known natural phenomenon. It is located in the South of Chania prefecture, in Sfakia province, in a distance of about 45 kilometres from Chania city.

Apart from the most spectacular gorge in Chania, Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Europe, with a total length of 16 kilometres. Its width varies greatly, from about 150 metres to only 3 metres, and the height of its sides range between 300 and 600 metres.
The history of Samaria Gorge in Chania

Samaria Gorge was always an especial place in Chania region. It is the biggest between many spectacular gorges in the White Mountains of Crete, or Lefka Ori. The gorge features a really unique flora and fauna in Europe, with rare flowers and animals, like the rare wild goat of Crete, Kri Kri.

The Samaria Gorge in Chania was an area kept free during all the foreign occupations of Crete. This was especially true during the Ottoman occupation, when the Ottoman army suffered heavy casualties when it tried to take control of the gorge. The main reasons for this were the very difficult terrain, and especially the free spirit and ability in war of the local Sfakian people.

In 1962, the Gorge of Samaria was declared a National Park. In 1964, the inhabitants of the small village of Samaria inside the gorge, which gave its name to the gorge, had to leave their houses and relocate to other nearby villages of Chania. The name “Samaria” comes from the church of Saint Mary, or “Ossia Maria” in Greek, in the village, which was pronounced as one word: “Ossia Maria” – “Samaria”.

63 Km, about 90 minutes driving. Bus accessible

Seitan Limania Beach:

“Breath takeing view! Crystal clear water nice sand.” Seitan Limania (i.e Satan harbours) or Stephanou beach is located 20 km north east of Chania town,  at the east side of cape Akrotiri, near the airport of Chania. The beach is completely unorganised so make sure that you carry water and everything you need with you.


You can learn more about Kissamos here:

63 Km, about 60 minutes driving. No bus available.

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